Garage Door Repair Campbell, Cupertino

Dealing With A Slow-Opening Garage Door? Read This Guide

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As you know that automatic garage doors are used regularly and they do the heavy lifting all day. It means you need to pay attention to garage door maintenance to keep it in a well-functioning condition for the long-term.

But, how will you know that your door needs 24 hour garage door repair service? Well, if your door opens very slowly, then it is a clear sign that it needs to be repaired.

Garage Door Repair Campbell, Cupertino

Many people want to know how long should it take for their door to open and close? The average time is 12 to 15 seconds, but if your door is old, the time span can increase a little bit.

If you see your door take 30 or more seconds to open, then it is the right time to hire Garage Door Replacement Campbell service.

Follow these tips to fix a slow-opening garage door

First of all, you can lubricate all the moving parts of the door because if any of the parts are dry, it won’t allow the door to open quickly. As your door is used regularly, pulleys can be damaged and springs can lose tension that slows down the speed.

After lubricating all the parts, inspect the door to determine if it’s operating faster. If your door has speed controls, ensure they aren’t adjusted in a way that slows down the speed.

If the door is still not opening faster, immediately hire Garage Door Service Cupertino. The professional technicians will test the door and repair all the issues. You should never fix the issues yourself because of a lack of expertise and knowledge.

If you will try to fix the troubles yourself, it is possible that they will become severe and your time and efforts will be wasted.

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