Portable Ballet Barres 101- Top Facts You Need To Know

Portable Ballet Barres 101- Top Facts You Need To Know

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Practice makes perfect- as a ballet dancer, this is one of the most motivational things which pushes the artist to achieve perfection. To an extent, perfection is important in ballet dancing in terms of poise, grace, balance, and movements. Ballet dancing requires specific kinds of shoes and outfits and along with that, one should also consider buying a portable ballet barre. Barres are available in various sizes. Ballet dancers start very early in most cases so barres are available for kids and as well as for teens and adults. Portable barres make it easy for the dancer to set it up and practice anywhere. You can find detailed information on portable ballet barre at this useful blog and see what experts have to say about using portable barres. 

Portable vs traditional wall-mounted barres

Traditionally, barres are made of wood or metal and mounted near a wall and a mirror. That has been the norm for years. But thanks to the advancement in technology, portable barres are becoming a rage. One can practice wherever necessary at home, on vacation, etc. If you are in your ballet class and the barres there are occupied, no need to wait anymore for your turn. Just set up your own portable barre in any corner and start with your warm-up exercises. 

Details about portable ballet barres

A barre means a handrail or a holding rod. Portable ballet barres come with two legs as stands and an adjustable rod in the middle. Portable ballet barres are made of lightweight metal, usually Aluminum or Aluminum alloy metal which makes them easy to carry around. Manufacturers send a user manual and most of these barres are very easy to maneuver and set up. However, adult supervision is advised while setting up a ballet barre for a kid. These portable barres have revolutionized the ballet scene and as a dancer, it is a must-have as it will change when and how, and where you practice at ease. 

Warm-up exercises and, more

With the help of a portable barre, you can practice a lot of moves and do your regular warm-up routine as well. Warm-up exercises help the body prepare for a more vigorous workout. Warm up exercises are important for heavy weight lifting, gym workouts, yoga, running, and dancing as well. Your body’s muscles need to prepare for something more active and hence its importance. If as a dancer, you don’t do any warm-ups or stretches, you might feel tired or fatigued and even might get muscle pulls and cramps. So always use your barre for warm-ups and stretches, before starting to dance. Warm-up routines should also be changed and used around as time progresses as your body needs constant challenges as a ballet dancer. Make sure to adjust your portable ballet barre accordingly as you progress with your work outs and warm-up stretches and movements.

Footwork is important

A barre helps a dancer practice his or her footwork as well. It acts as a support while you can stretch and try out various dance moves. Footwork and posture are most important in ballet dancing. With the support of your barre, you should practice your leg throw, spins, etc. 

Couple movements in ballet with a barre

If you have a routine with a partner, then also your barre will come in handy. Since the barre is adjustable, you can easily use it as support and practice your couple dance moves. Your partner might not be available at all times and that’s when this portable barre can be extra useful. 

What are portable barres made of?

If you are a ballet dancer, you must have used the wall-mounted barres. They are mostly made of metal and sometimes even wood. The portable barres are made of lightweight metal and come in various colors and designs. They are specially made to match the needs of dancers of all kinds and the lightweight metal makes it easy to carry it around and set it up anywhere. 

Factors to consider before purchasing a portable barre

Before buying your portable ballet barre always check what kind of finishing the product has. The finishing of a portable barre is what makes it durable and long-lasting. Never compromise on quality when it comes to a barre.