What Can You Do to Avoid Garage Door Repair?

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Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common problems our technicians face when they get called for garage door repair. Most of these problems could have been prevented if only you had taken a few minutes and trouble-shot your garage door before the trouble got out of hand.


Here is a list of some things that homeowners can do to prevent garage door repair Virginia Beach:

  •     Check the Automatic Garage Door Opener (the part that you push a button on and your garage door opens. This is usually located near the ceiling of your garage, although sometimes it could be placed along the wall.) Some homeowners take this for granted, not realizing it has a lifespan like any other part of your garage door.
  •     Check the track, rollers, and hinges to see if they are misaligned or have any cracks or chipped paint. The tracks can be adjusted by professionals at times, but it would also require you to lubricate them regularly for smooth operation. That might require you to hire professionals over and over again.
  •     Check the light bulb in your garage door opener (the button that you push to open your automatic door) if it is working or burned out. You would need a special tool to remove the lightbulb; therefore, this job is best left for professionals.

Replacing this bulb is very simple, and you can try to do it yourself. Just be careful not to touch the glass part of the lightbulb because it could break inside your garage door opener, causing your automatic door to malfunction or not work at all.

  •     Check for any broken welds, loose hinges, or loose cables that could lead to something more extensive like wiring problems. If the garage door is still under warranty, this would be an easy fix for professionals. But if not, you may have to hire a professional to replace any damaged parts.

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