Use of Pastel Colors in Interior Design

Use of Pastel Colors in Interior Design

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Colors are closely associated with your personality, and they can influence your mood and behavior. A nice blend of different colors has the power to change your mood instantly. Tweak Interiors, being the top interior designers in Noida provide you complete guidance on choosing the best colors for your room. Among all these color options, pastel hues give aesthetic appeal by taking your home to the next level. Pastel shades are featured to add freshness to your spaces making the interior more relaxing and appealing.

Use of Pastel Colors in Interior Design

This reading will explore 6 different pastel design ideas and suggestions.

1.   Pastels Versus Soft Tones and Whites

Pastel colors provide wonderful light when they are used in complete white rooms. Because of their freshness and calming effects, you can easily pair them with soft pieces and textures. Best Textiles like pillows and blankets can truly stand out in this environment. If the interior wall has pastel colors, furniture and white fabrics can make your room impressive.

2.   Mix Subdued Palette with Heavy Pigments

Colors create an Ideal combination with brown, orange, and other deep colors. These colors are starkly opposed, and the overall design pops! You can build a beautiful, yet balanced design.

3.   Select Wood Finishes According To Your Pastel Interiors

Blending materials like wood floor, sea grass, and rattan with the best oil paint reinvent your home. It is good to have a stark contrast between the both. Dark finishes like walnut or mahogany are used with some light paint, i.e. pale green. While light-colored woods appeal when used against dark hues. Always pick the color that brings out the natural beauty of your furniture items.

4.   Pastels in Paint, Tiles, or Wallpaper

If you don’t want to paint your walls, tiles and wallpapers are a superb choice. Tiles are best for bathrooms and kitchens nowadays. People usually prefer wallpapers to cut their costs or to have many patterns in a single place. Tiles and wallpapers include an option of 3D style, unlike paint.

5.   Bold Your Kitchen with Pastels

Pastels give a beautiful twist in a standard kitchen. If your kitchen is new or old, instead of renovation, go for some cherry mint green or some trendy color. If there is low natural light in the kitchen, a pop of yellow would be better. You can even have kitchen appliances in different colors. Pastel colors are best to transform a boring kitchen into an inspiring place.

6.   Pastel Hues for Modern and Sophisticated Bedrooms

There are several pastel color schemes used for bedrooms. Modern bedrooms use white as the primary color with dark-colored pieces of furniture. It makes them balancing, sleek, and relaxing. Cottage-style bedrooms look perfect with these shades.  These colors become different in the case of girls’ or kids’ bedrooms. Here, a pop of pastel pink with white or brown furniture items looks fantastic.