Termite Infestation in Subtropical Region and Solution

Termite Infestation in Subtropical Region and Solution

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Termites though neglected because of their minute dimensions can cause irresistible damage to any random household. The more alarming fact is that once there is a termite infestation. Goodbye Pest with their specialization in termite control in Kolkata has solved the problem of many. In a tropical country like ours, the hot and humid climate favors the growth of termites. It allows them to build up a colony within no time. Termites mainly thrive on cellulose found in dead plants and animals. They also cause diseases. A single termite may bring upon multiple problems, so pest control expertise for the prevention of termite becomes necessary whenever there is a termite attack in your home.

Termite Infestation in Subtropical Region and Solution

Termites Infestation in Sub Tropical Region

Termites are detritus feeders and thrive mainly on dead matters. They mainly take up nutrients like cellulose from dead wood or animals body (cow’s gut). The termites mainly target the interiors of the houses for the infestation in wooden doors. They also target windows, frames and destroy them from within. The furniture looks well but is destroyed from the inside. Multiple pest control sessions from professionals are required to make an infested house completely termite-free.

Termites found in the Indian Subcontinent

Approximately there are 220 species of termites in the Indian subcontinent. The humid and moist weather makes India home to a large variety of termites. These termites pose different levels of damage. Major types of termites include Coptotermes heimi, Heterotermes indicolite, Schedorhinotermes sp, Ondototermes sp, Psammotermes rajathanicus, Macrotermes gilvus, and many more.

Effects of Termites Infestation

The immediate effect lies in the widespread destruction of furniture, wooden frames and leads to potential property damage. Also, the constant fluttering of the termites around the house is a source of acute irritation. Apart from all these the damage and repair cycles continues until a professional pest control service is called to inspect the matter and understand the damages caused by termites.

Problems of termites on humans

Termites although incapable of transmitting deadly disease. In most cases, wood that releases wood dust into the air. This causes allergic reactions in many individuals who are prone to dust allergy. Dust allergy may prove fatal if you are already suffering from asthma. So, although termites do not possess direct harm, their co-existence with the human is impossible. It is cost bearing along with terrific where long-term effects are best to be avoided.

Importance of pest control in the removal of termites

The pest control eliminates termites from your house once and for all gifting you lots of positive aspects:

  • End to your day-to-day suffering from dust allergy from wood dust.
  • Ends the endless damage-repair cycle of furniture and increases their longevity.
  • Proper eradication by understanding the degree of infestation.
  • Using chemicals knowledgeably so that termites are harmed but not your health.


If you love your home, then don’t let the termites feast on your furniture. Rather than using up some weird unfruitful home remedies. Let the experts show their expertise, consult professional pest control services in Kolkata. Goodbye has pioneered in Termite Control with a large number of satisfied clients benefitting from these services. It helped them in maintenance and cost reduction of wooden goods. At the same time helped their environment to be termite-free. Especially for humid conditions in places like Kolkata professional pest control and termite control services are always required.

Author Bio: Avijit Ghosh

Avijit Ghosh completed his M. Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta & higher studies of entomology from Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (I.G.M.R.I.), Hapur, UP.

The author has more than twelve years of field experience since 2009. He worked as a certified entomologist in various reputed organizations.

Now he is a start-up entrepreneur of Mom’s Smile and Goodbye Pest, A unit of Aknamos Home Care Pvt. Ltd.