Tile Stickers: An Inexpensive Way to Transform Your Kitchen, Bathroom, or Hallway

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Tile stickers are a cost-effective alternative if you’re searching for a fast and easy fix to give your property a new lease of life without the bother or mess. Tile stickers, also known as vinyl tiles or tile decals, are a great way to try out a new design for tiled floors and walls before making a permanent change. They’re especially good for kitchens, bathrooms, and corridors.

Tile stickers are also great if you live in a rental home because they are easy to remove. They’re also wonderful for instantly sprucing up a dingy corner of the house. ‘They’ve been used to cover up screw holes when a shower item has been removed, leaving a hole or blemish,’ explains Mike Head, director of Atlas Ceramics. ‘Without having to spend money on new tiles, a transfer may cover this up for a fraction of the cost.’


Tile sticker trends

There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from, ranging from simple block colors to detailed and colorful patterns. Gabrielle Morabia is the creator and founder of Quadrostyle, a tile sticker firm. ‘As recent trends favor rustic, natural materials, raw wood, and earthy fabrics are finding their way into tile sticker design. Warm neutrals & light greens, such as moss and sage, are crucial in terms of color.’

Using tile stickers in various rooms of the home

Kitchen tile stickers

Even if you only focus on one section of the kitchen, such as a backsplash, tile stickers may modernize it. Just make sure the tile stickers you pick are heat-resistant if put behind a stove. Metro tile stickers may make a big difference in a tiny kitchen.

Bathroom tile stickers

Tile stickers will brighten up a bathroom, but you really should avoid applying them in areas where they will be saturated often, such as in the direct flow of a power showering spray or on the shower floor. The downstairs bathroom is a terrific spot to try out tile stickers — go for a wacky graphic pattern or even biophilia to brighten up the tiniest space.

Hallway tile stickers

Using easy-to-clean mosaic tile stickers will also maintain the hallway welcoming in busy family homes. On the floor of a period property, a classic encaustic, black & white ‘Astra’ star or conventional graphic design looks wonderful and may be readily altered.

According to Gabrielle, tile stickers may also be used to draw attention to a certain area of the house: ‘If you don’t have a distinct doorway, you can create one using stick-on floor panels.’ If you live in a studio, even a little landing space at your front entrance may add a feeling of purpose.’

What are the main advantages of tile stickers?

It is not necessary to replace a complete wall. A lovely border might be made with just a little strip of tile stickers. They’re simple to install and may be uninstalled at any time. A tile sticker may be readily switched out and replaced if it is damaged. If you’re planning a large update using tile stickers, Quadrostyle’s bespoke mock-up service allows you to see three different variations of tile stickers in the comfort of your own home.