How to Clean Pet Odors From Your Carpet?

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Pet odors can be hard to remove, especially if you’ve just gotten a new puppy or kitten. Cleaning the carpet doesn’t permanently remove odors and can be dangerous if you use harsh chemicals. There are some methods you can try to clean carpets at home, but they are always temporary fixes.

If you manage to get rid of those smells with the right carpet cleaning techniques, your home will smell fresh and clean again. The best way to get rid of pet odors is to hire a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company.


Professional wet carpet cleaning Melbourne companies have the tools needed to both remove and kill bacteria left behind by pets that may cause health problems for allergy sufferers. Making sure all bacteria is killed is vital to minimizing other types of odors from accumulating in your carpeting later. Once bacteria has been removed using a professional sanitizing solution, deodorizers can be added as part of the process to ensure that new odors do not begin developing in your carpeting again.

A more targeted approach is an odor removal service that focuses on one room at a time. This option works well if you have just one area in your home or office that smells bad. The odor is not completely removed, but the smell will be greatly reduced after this service is performed.

You can get rid of pet orders by using a steam cleaner. These machines are usually rented from stores and are used on carpets in order to remove build-up, dirt, and grime that can cause bad smells. Make sure that you do a test patch if you have expensive carpets, as some cleaners can cause damage to these types of carpets.

Another good way to clean your carpets is by using enzyme cleaners that help break down the proteins found in urine stains. This can help reduce the odor from your pets and will also work well for removing stains from your carpet. Enzymatic cleaners can be purchased at pet stores or online.