Water Damage Restoration – What to Do After Home Flooded

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In times of widespread flooding, loss from water damage can run into the billions. However, most water damage is not caused by floods and only a few simple steps and precautions before and after the event will enable you to stop damage in its tracks.


Water damage restoration begins with protecting your property before the flood hits. Be sure that gutters and downspouts are free of debris and running efficiently. Be sure that the foundation is waterproofed with a French drain or sump pump. Have a backup ready in the event of failure.

When flooding does occur, your first course of action should be to turn off all electrical power and natural gas supply to your home before leaving it. Electricity and natural gas can cause serious injury and even death. Water and electricity do not mix well. Never attempt to restore your flooded home without turning off the power supply first.

Then, if safe to do so, turn off the water supply at its source to stop the flow of incoming water. If you have an underground utility line such as a sewer line and it is under pressure and flooding, turning the water main off will not solve your problem. The flooding may actually increase until you can fix whatever is causing the backup.

Call a flood damage restoration professional if there is reason to believe that sewer lines or household drains are backing up. Sewer gases can be hazardous to your health as well as explosive.

Finally, be sure that your sump pump is working properly. If it is below the water level in your basement you will have problems with sewage back-up or flooding even if you have already turned off power and water to your home.