Ways to Treat Contaminated Soil

Ways to Treat Contaminated Soil

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The real key to growing and maintaining a healthy garden is unpolluted, healthy soil. Dangerous contaminants in soil can cause an array of problems, so it’s necessary that you take swift actions to sidestep soil contamination. You first need to determine the root causes of contamination before you try anything. It’s highly recommended that you consider working with a reputable soil removal company to get things with greatest precision. Enviro-Disposal Group is the leading name in the waste removal industry. They can provide you with the best advice after analyzing your situation.

Ways to Treat Contaminated Soil

The following ways are supposed to be effective in cleaning your contaminated soil:

Maintain soil pH

Although cleaning contaminated soil isn’t really possible, there’re some things one can do to reduce the impact of toxins. Try to adjust your soil pH to neutral levels to minimize the negative impact of pollutants.


This treatment provides a cost-effective and environmentally-conscious recycling solution for harmless contaminated soils. Bioaugmentation is a process by which environmental conditions are altered to stimulate the growth of microorganisms and reduce the target pollutants.

Add a plenty of organic matter

You can also consider adding plenty of organic matter to the soil to reverse contamination. Others options you can go with include aged or compost manure, and top-dress of peat moss. This will surely help you get rid of contaminated soil.

Before you try any of the above option, it’s important you consult with a professional soil removal company like Enviro-Disposal Group to make sure you’re doing it the right way.  They have a huge amount of experience recycling contaminated soil, and therefore they can be of great help in cleaning contaminated soil.

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