The Value of Routine Garage Door Spring Maintenance

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As homeowners, we often neglect routine maintenance on mechanical components like garage door springs. Since the door opens and closes without issue, there’s a tendency to ignore the springs until something goes wrong. However, they deserve regular TLC to ensure safety and prolonged service life. Learning this lesson the hard way almost cost me a lot more in repairs!

The Snapping Sound

One evening, I opened the garage door and immediately heard a disturbing metallic twang. The extension springs on one side had fully detached from the drum. Yikes! This could have ended very badly if someone was underneath during failure. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it was a frightening reminder of the potential dangers.

Calling in the Calvary

With live springs now loose in the mechanism, I knew this required an expert. A quick search led me to a local certified pro, Garage Door Spring Repair Yorktown. The owner came out right away to assess the situation. He explained how lack of lubrication and tension adjustment over time contributed to the failure.

Stressed Springs Need Love Too

What I didn’t realize is that the heavy-duty extension and torsion springs supporting a garage door accumulate wear and tear with each cycle. Proper lubrication and tension monitoring are important preventative steps to catch small issues before they escalate. Replacing components is far more labor intensive and costly versus low maintenance.

Safety First

Our technician reinstalled new heavy-duty springs and took additional precautions like safety pins and shields. He also discussed coding requirements for servicing pressurized springs. Leave it to the certified pros – it’s not worth the risk of serious injury to DIY. Getting the all-clear from an inspector gives added reassurance of a job well done.

Schedule Regular Checkups

As part of routine garage door maintenance, the technician recommended scheduling semi-annual inspections. This way, springs and all high-stress moving parts get checked, adjusted, lubricated as needed before small problems compound. The relatively low cost is well worth avoiding expensive repairs or worse down the road. Peace of mind has value too!

For optimal garage door system performance and safety over the long haul, make annual maintenance appointments with a reputable company like ‘Garage Door Spring Repair Yorktown.’ Proactivity pays off to catch minor issues and prevent costly failures caused by deferred upkeep. Your garage door mechanics and your wallet will thank you!