How to Diagnose and Repair a Garage Door Opener That Won’t Close

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of a garage door opener that suddenly stops working properly. When my opener began acting up and refusing to close the door, I knew it was time to troubleshoot the issue. Here are the steps I took to diagnose and attempt a DIY repair on my opener that wouldn’t shut the garage door.

Checking the Basic Components

The first thing was to eliminate simple problems. I made sure the door tracks, rollers, and hinges were clear of debris. Then I checked that the photo e yes were not obstructed, as these safety sensors can cause the motor to stop if blocked. Finally, I oiled all moving parts and checked that wires were securely connected. However, the problem persisted after ruling out minor issues.

Testing the Electric Motor

With the door partially open, I pressed the button to close it and listened for motor sounds. When it made repeated

 clicking but didn’t pull the door down, I knew the motor was trying to engage but failing. This pointed to a motor or gearing problem internally. I opened the case to inspect for any broken components. Everything looked in order, so I moved on to test the motor independently.

Gauging the Force Setting

Many openers have an adjustment for how strongly the motor forcefully pulls the door. The experts at Garage Door Opener Repair Smithfield told me this setting can wear down over time. I tweaked it up slightly according to manufacturer instructions. Unfortunately, this fix did not remedy the no-close behavior. By this step, it seemed a more serious electrical or mechanical issue was to blame.

When Professional Help is Best

After several unsuccessful attempts at diagnosis and repair on my own, I realized the problem was likely beyond a simple fix. Torque from a stuck track, fried motor boards, broken gears or springs require expertise to properly repair. Left unattended, such issues could become safety hazards too. I contacted Garage Door Opener Repair Smithfield to have their trained technicians thoroughly examine the system.

The technicians safely diagnosed a faulty motor and controller board needing replacement. With the right tools and know-how, they efficiently repaired the opener for safe and reliable operation again. While testing components and minor fixes can solve minor issues, it’s best to call in the experts if a diagnosis proves elusive or parts appear damaged for your safety.