How to Make an Economical and Sustainable Roof

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There’s nothing better than enjoying the weekend to gather family and friends for a delicious barbecue. But to ensure comfort and prevent rain and sunlight, the ideal is to learn how to make a roof for a leisure area. Check out the tips on how to make a roof cheaply.

Anyone who wants to save money and ensure quality in roof construction should seek help from the roofing experts at Because it is a roof and any error can lead to accidents. See how to make an economical roof for your gourmet space and barbecue.

How to make a roof with thermal insulation

It is always good to save energy with roofs that allow light to pass through. However, some materials make transparent roofs warmer and the atmosphere is very bright. To ensure thermal comfort and speed up the construction of the roof, the ideal is to use polycarbonate tiles.

The kiosk in the above project is proof of how to make a simple, beautiful and pleasant roof. Note that the presence of the polycarbonate sheet is not even noticed.

How to make a roof that brings rustic style to your home

The rustic style is present in different environments and combines perfectly with homes located in rural areas. The colonial roofs make the facade of the house more charming. Using wood and ceramic tiles promotes an excellent result, but it is not the most economical way to make an ecologically correct roof.

For the above project it is possible to replace the traditional ceramic tiles with PVC tiles that imitate ceramics, these are stronger than the original tiles.

The wooden roof

Roof made of wood is a charm and adds lightness to the environment. The only problem with this roof model is the rain. On the other hand, it is possible to use polycarbonate tiles to avoid splashing and excessive heat.