3 Tips to Weatherproof Your Garage Door

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It’s important to prepare your garage door for the cold weather. If you don’t devout yourself to weather proofing the garage door, you leave a security look hole. Therefore, you need to take it seriously and make all arrangement to assure that no weather elements get through the garage door.

To help you do so, we are giving you important guidelines that will help you properly install weatherstrip on your door and prepare yourself for the cold weather.


  • Garage Door Insulation

You need to call in a Garage Door Repair Company and get it insulated properly. In case your garage door is not insulated properly before installing, don’t worry you can fix that by installing insulation afterwards.

A garage door is the biggest opening leading to the interior of your home, so you should do everything to make sure it is properly insulated. Proper protection can make a great difference in temperature.

  • Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is installed at the bottom end of garage door. It blocks weather elements like rain, wind and snow. With continuous use, it loses the ability to protect your home, and develops cracks.

Consult Garage Door Repair Services Encino and keep track of the damage. When the strip is way too much worn out, you better replace it. You need to replace it as soon as possible because it seals your garage to the door, thus protecting your well-being.

  • Insulation

Garage Door Opener Installation suggest insulation is simple to purchase but it’s crucial to install. Therefore you have to buy the right thickness for walls, and follow instructions provided in the manual. Insulation should fit the walls perfectly.

Don’t smash the insulation or it will loosely gapped. It fastens insulation so it won’t move around. This provides you with the important protection you need against the weather.